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About Us

We are Stefan Kordev and Ivan Dobrev, two young entrepreneurs, creators and manager of

These days everybody can shop online and connect with merchants, but our experience shows us that this isn't so simple with products for cars. We hear all the time for people that are told one thing in the product description and then receive something different or the products is not fully compatible with the car. Or they get a product at a "ver low price" and then they pay it twice or more with delivery taxes, payment taxes and customs taxes.
We ourselfs had this problem when we needed a multimedia head unit for us. That was the time our idea was born, to make an online store where you can easily find quality products that are compatible with the car, and to have an optimal price, without hidden taxes or customs fees. A place where you can be informed for the features of the product and comaptibility issues that can come out, before you order, not are you have paid. A place where you can get adequate answers to your question about the mounting of the product and a good support after the purchase.

We can say that we accomplished what we wanted and proof of that is the many happy customers we have. We are thankful for our cleints trust and we are aiming to be even better, with constantly upgrading the online platform and customer service.

We work in more than 40 countries!

We work with a distributor network, capable if delivering to more that 40 contries worldwide, and we aim to expand that list to up-to 90 countries!

We offer wide vroduct variety!


Head units

We offer many products for in-dash head unit replacement. From standart single and double DIN unit to special units for almost every car make in the world.


Headrest Monitors, seat-mounted monitors, roof monitors, rear-view mirror monitors, even monitors for lorries, we offer almost every possible kind of monitor that can be mounted in a car!



We have a wide variety of accessories both for the head units and monitor and other car accessories, like bluetooth accessories, smartphone/tablet accessories and many others.

We have a good work team!

Our staff is made of specially trained experts in our field, every one of them can give you a good advice, so you can make the right choice of device. Evene more they can help you while and after installing the device, if you have questions.

How we work?



Buying a device for the car is not like buying a TV. That is why we offer our clients help with choosing the right product for the car with online chat and email. We want to make every detail about the purchase clear before you make a payment!



After you choose the right product for your car, you can order with our 100% secure online payment system.



Up-to one day after cleared payment the goods are sent to your address. To ensure you always have the best price we delivery the products directly from our rdistributor network in China or the UK, depending on the address and availability.

Our client are satisfied!

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