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OP04A - Multimedia Head Unit for Opel Astra J with Android


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Refresh your car experience with multimedia head unit with the latest technology. Android 4.4.4, DVD Player, USB and SD for multimedia. Access to Google Play and over 1 million apps!

WinCE GPS Bluetooth Reversing Camera Steering Wheel Control
Touch Screen Wi-Fi USB SD card AUX input

The entertainment in your car, like you've always imagined it!

Awesome sound, beautiful screen, fast CPU, GPS, Bluetooth.
And all this in a single device that fits perfectly in your car!

The latest generation Android for car!

The Android operationg system gives you unlimited possibilities .You have access to Google Play, where you can choose from more than a million apps. You can use apps like Soundcloud or Spotify, so you will never have to download music, you can just sream it!




Fast quad core CPU
With 1.6GHz refresh rate. Capable of doing over 13.8 billion operations per second.

RAM памет


operating memory, giving you enough room to open many apps at the same time, and not slowing down the unit.

Вградена памет

Built-in memory

16GB built-in and SD card slot that supports up-to 32GB of storage.

Аудио процесор

Audio chip

Built-in amp with audio chip 7388 from the high-quality manufacturer STMicroelectronics

Wi-Fi GPS Bluetooth Reverse camera Multimedia

Powerful hardware, high performance!

One of the fastest units on the market

The operating system works with the fast quad core processor ARM Cortex A9. Meaning no freezes and no slow downs. The unit also has 1GB RAM memory, open all the apps you need! And with the 16GB build-in storage, you can install the navi apps in the built-in memory and never worry about forgetting to put the SD card in.


Browse the internet and use online apps right from your dashboard.

This unit has built-in Wi-Fi module, that lets you connect to the internet and use the head unit, as fully operational Android tablet. The optional 3G module can give you access to the internet and live traffic info, wherever you go.

High Resolution Screen with Multi-touch

Enjoy quality picture with rich details and high contrast on the beautiful display with resolution 1024x600px.
And with the capacitive touch, the control of the device is easy and intuitive.

Навигирай лесно и удобно с GPS софтуера.


This multimedia system has built-in GPS with very strong GPS antenna, so you can always get the right directions and you don't have to be connected to the internet to navigate.

This device supports the newest navigation software for Android with 3D maps and realtime traffic information.


The head unit comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth and phonebook function, you can sync the phonebook from your mobile phone to this unit and then make hands-free mobile phone operations conveniently and quickly.
You can also enjoy wireless music playback from your device.

Разговаряй безопасно с Bluetooth

Mirror Link

This system support Mirror Link. You can connect and display your screen of your smartphone on the unit. It supports connection over Wi-Fi for Android and iPhone, and direct cable connection for Android devices.

Reversing camera.

Reversing camera

The unit supports reversing camera. Only put the gear lever in reverse and the system will automatically switch to the reversing camera input. That way you can always see what's happening behind your car, avoiding accidents, saving you money and headaches.

*the reversing camera is an option, you can buy it from here


This unit supports the optional USB camera, which serves as a traffic recorder or black box.
The DVR cameras we offer are with high resolution so important data in case of an accident, like number plate, is clearly visible when you play it. This can save you a lot of money in case of a "Crash for Cash" accident.

*The DVR is not included, you can purchase it from here


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Steering wheel control

This system supports steering wheel controls. So you can take control of your music safely on the move. You can focus on the road ahead, making your drive safer.

OBD II interface connection

With the optional Bluetooth OBD II interface and the app Torque, you can connect this device with the car's board computer. With Torque you can read data from the car's sensors in realtime. And you can read and clean errors, so you don't have to go to a repair shop, in order to clean a simple error.

*The OBD adapter is not included, you can buy it from here


Възпроизвеждане на всички DVD формати.


Thanks to the fast processor, this unit can play FullHD content, without freezing. Watch your favourite movies and TV Shows with perfect quality.

Четене на мултимедия от USB и SD карта.


Expand your media choices by plugging a USB drive or SD card, or any other USB device. View your photos right from the SD card. The player supports most of the known video and audio formats.

Слушай любимото си радио с RDS.


High performance radio receiver. Manual and automatic search, 18 FM/12 AM Preset stations. With RDS support.
Tuning range in Europe:
FM: 87.5MHz - 108MHz
AM: 522KHz - 1620KHz


Built-in amplifier with audio processor 7388 from the high-quality manufacturer STMicroelectronics.
The quality processor gives you better than the original experience from you speakers! And you can finely tune how your music sounds with the equalizer.

What you get in the package?

  • Multimedia head unit.
  • Wiring harness.
  • USB cable.
  • RCA cables.

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Версия4.4 KitKat
CPUAndroid 5.1 4-Core, 1GB RAM, 16GB ROM
Вградена памет16GB
Screen7" 1024x600px with Capacitive touch
AMP4x42W with DSP
RadioHigh-class Radio Chip
BluetoothMultichanel blutooth module
3GExternal USB Modem (optional)
USB2 on the back
SD Slots2 slots
Mirror LinkCompatible
AUX-InAudio and Video AUX
Micbuilt-in + external
Steering wheel controlFully Compatible
Reverse camera compatibilityWith automatic switch when reverse gear is selected
Button LightNo
Changeable boot logoYes
Power10-14V DC
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